Vision & Mission

The Emblem of the college

The sacred fire – Vedagni placed in an ornamental urn. This sacred fire symbolizes purity of action.

“Shraddha hi paramagathihi”

(Dedication is the means to achieve the ultimate goal)


The Institution aims at promoting the ideals of Secularism, Humanism and Scientific spirit enshrined in the Constitution of India and imparting Value based higher education to one and all at a reasonable cost. 


To realize the vision, our college:

1.   Imparts value based education with a long-term perspective; 

2.   Develops in the students a spirit of social service and a concern for the less fortunate people in the society; 

3.   Updates the  curriculum periodically to enable the students to prepare for a career or further studies; 

4.   Arranges a series of Classroom, Seminar and Workshop based execution to prepare students for the impending competition.