UG and PG

The Department of English came into existence in 1945 along with the college.


  • Since Language- English is a compulsory subject for the students, all the streams, BA, B.Sc, BCA B.Com, BS have to go through a course in English for four Semesters.

  • Optional English for BA for six Semesters. [ Combination available- Sociology, Economics, Optional English]

  • Communicative skills- compulsory for all streams in the V/VI Semesters.


The Communicative Skill programme addresses the problems students have with close reading, writing, listening and speaking English. But in addition to this, students are also trained in soft skills required by them when they face interviews and get into jobs. This programme has now included many areas that students require to face competitive exams like logical reasoning, improving vocabulary etc. The language Laboratory is also used to screen films.

Apart from serving the purpose of audio-visual aid in teaching, the films are also used to direct and provide an insight for students on various themes and issues The establishment and the functioning of the Language Laboratory has been a significant achievement for the department. It must be mentioned that after a course conducted by our department in Communicative Skills, there has been a substantial increase in the number of students who have been placed in Campus Interviews.


More than passing on information, classroom teaching focuses on enabling the students to express their ideas and relate to the canonical texts both in theory and everyday life. Grammar teaching has also been made more application oriented. Through this methodology we have been able to encourage students to be more creative in writing. The use of pictures, advertisements and newspapers further makes teaching and learning a pleasure.

The department is happy that the design of the curriculum is well received by the students and there is a steady progress in the response of students to the English Language. The teaching of Literature for the Optional English students has also become more effective as the stress now is on their own responses to a work of Literature. The visual media has contributed a lot to the students becoming more oriented in giving ideas. Communicative Skill classes have made students more confident in speaking and thinking in the English Language.

The method of testing has been made more innovative. The questions given in the examinations do not test the students’ memory of the text. They, on the other hand, give scope for students to use language in order to express ideas.

Future plans of the department:

The Department envisages the following plans in the future-

  • Starting of Certificate and Diploma courses.

  • Encourage the students to engage themselves in creative writing.