The Department of Botany was established in 1964.
The first Head of the Department was Prof.V.Gowri. The Department was later headed by Prof. M. M. Devaki, Dr. G. R. KanthaRaj, (an erudite Professor, ‘a walking library’ as he was known by his students, an alumnus of the Department of Biochemistry, Indian Institute of Science)headed the department and developed a strong team of the following faculty:
Dr. Marashetty seenappa, a Ph.D from University of Waterloo, Canada, later served the UNICEF, UNO as Project Director

Dr. Y. Thulajappa, Prof. J.V. Rudramuny, who was a senate and syndicate member of Bangalore University
Prof. Narayanan Mohan, an eloquent speaker and served as NCC Officer

Dr. Kanchi N Gandhi, Taxonomist f International repute, and served as Professor t Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA, had an authority on Plant Nomenclature.

Dr. Sadashiv Singh, a plant Cytologist specialized in Cytotaxonomy
Dr.B. Shivashankar, specialized in Plant Embryology

Dr. H. Gokul who gave lecture in Harvard University, USA in May 2005 on his research observation, he was a member of the International Society of Environmental Botanists, member of College Development Council, Bangalore University and guided 4 M.Phil students in Environmental Biotechnology and attended number of National and international seminars,Major D.E.Murthy Rao.

Currently Prof. K. Jagadamba and Prof. N.L. Vijayalakshmi are working in the Department