NAVAL WING


The National College  NCC  Naval wing  is a sub- unit of  Karnataka Naval NCC Unit I, Group ‘A’ of  Karnataka   & Goa Directorate. [ No: 39 , MG Road IV Floor United Nations Bangalore-560001]. It was established in the year 1962.




i) There is one Associate NCC officer (ANO)
ii) One Non – teaching staff
iii) Authorized cadets strength -50





i) 1963 to 1988 – Lt.Cdr. A.L.N. Murthy
ii) 1988 to 2010  – Lt.Cdr. V. Narayanaswamy
iii) 2010  TO DATE S. Lt. Ningaraju
  • Ningaraju has attended  a pre-commission training course (PRCN-2011)  from 04 July 2011 to 24 July 2011 at OTA committee in Maharashtra and has  passed with ‘A’ Grade.
    • Attended pre-commission training Course (PRCN-2011) from 08 Aug 2011 to 08 Oct 2011 at Southern Naval Command (SNC) Cochin,  Kerala.  He secured the second place at  the  National Rifle Shooting Competition with ‘B’ Grade  and was commissioned as acting Sub.Lt on 08 Oct 2011.










i)                    To develop quality of character, courage, commandership, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure,  sportsmanship and the ideals of selfless service among the youth,  to make them useful and patriotic citizens  of  India.

ii)                  To create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth.  To provide leadership to all walks of life including the armed forces and be always available for the service of the Nation.



i)                    Obey with smile

ii)                  Be punctual

iii)                Work hard  without  fuss

iv)                Make no excuses and tell no lies


The activities of the unit are  planned according to the ideals stated above. The cadets are selected according to the norms of NCC.

The institutional training for cadets  has been conducted to achieve the following:

1)      To expose young cadets to a regimental way of life so that we can inculcate in them the values of discipline,  sense of duty,  punctuality,  orderliness,  smartness,  respect for commanding  authority,  good and correct work ethos and self confidence.

2)      To generate interest in NCC training by including and laying emphasis on such aspects of institutional training which attract the young cadets into NCC and provide them an element of thrill and excitement together with training and conduct the activities  in an innovative and interesting manner so as to covert work into play.

3)      To make   use of the institutional training to inculcate interest to join the  Defence Services.

4)      To create an  ethos which is  characterized by hard work, sincerity, honesty, ideal selfless service, dignity of  labour,  secular outlook, comradeship and spirit of adventure and sportsmanship.


  • Foot Drill, Arms Drill,  Weapon Training,  Leadership, Civil  Defence,  First Aid, Hygiene and Sanitation, National Integration,  support  to  Civil  Authority,   Social Service,  Adventure  Activities,  Self – defence, Ecology and Nature Awareness.


  • Communication, Navigation,  Seamanship,  Boat work, Anti submarine  warfare,  seaward defence, damage control,  ship safety,  ship and boat modeling . So that the cadets get benefit from NCC.

Various Camps are conducted for training cadets in various aspects.  The objects of the Camps are ; –

  1. To subject the cadets to Regimental way of life
  2. Train the cadets to make them physically fit
  3. Train the cadets to fulfill the aims of NCC
  4. Subject the cadets to various social service activities.


The Camps are :-

1)      Combined Annual Training Camps (CATC)
2)      Basic leadership Camp (BLC)
3)      Advance leadership Camp (ALC)
4)      Pre- Republic Day Camp (Pre. RDC)
5)      Republic Day Competition (RDC)
6)      National Integration Camp (NIC)
7)      Attachment to regular navy ships.
8)      Course in Mountaineering Institute- Darjeeling
9)      Para Trooping Camp
10)  Social Service Training Camp (SSC)
11)  Nav Sainik Camp (NSC)
12)  Trekking Camp etc



Important Achievements:


We are proud to say that every year a minimum of two or three cadets are selected for RDC and NSC from this sub – unit and they have brought laurels to the institution. Some cadets are also selected for Youth Exchange Programmes.

We prepare the cadets to appear for ‘B’ and ‘C’ Examinations


During 2005-2006 :

  • Sandeep Kumar. U attended Ship Attachment Camp at Mumbai from 30/4/2005 to 14/05/2005.
  • Dayanand.G.C participated in NIC Camp at Madikere from 20/05/2005 to 30/05/2005.
  • Five Cadets attended NIC Camp in Gujarat from 05/08/2005 to 16/08/2005.
  • 13 Cadets attended CATC  V  at Gudibande from 16/08/2005 to 27/08/2005.
  • 15 cadets participated in Independence Day Parade at Manikshaw Parade Ground on  15/08/2005.
  • Two Cadets attended CATC-vi at Jalahalli from 1/9/2005 to 12/9/2005
  • Sandeep Kumar.U, Bhavani.K and Saraswathi.N. attended Nav-Saink Camp at Vizag from 14/10/2005 to 26/10/2005/  Cadet Saraswathi. N won the Silver Medal in Sailing Competition.
  • Cadets. Roshan Shankar Naik, Karthik.K and Vikram.G Rao attend the pre RDC Camp at Jalahalli from 16/11/05/ to 27/11/2005.
  • Cadets. Santhosh.K and M.D.Nazeer attended Ocean to Sky Trekking Camp at Goa from 6/12/2005 to 17/12/2005.
  • P.O. Cadet Vikram G Rao won the Bronze Medal for All India Best Cadet Competition in the Naval Wing of RDC 2006 held at New Delhi.
  • Cadet Saraswathi.N was selected for all India Sailing Regatta Competition. RD Bammer Competition held at INS Chilka, Orrissa, from 22/01/2006 to 30/01/2006. She won a gold medal in sailing.
  • Cadet M.D Mushtag attended sea training camp at Mumbai Naval base from 9/01/2006 to 21/01/2006.
  • 15 cadets participated in Republic Day parade at Manekshaw parade ground on 26/01/2006.



v  Cadets Yogesh. P Sajjan and Santhosh Kumar.N attended Ship attachment camp at Mumbai from 16/5/2006

v  10 cadets participated in Independence  day parade at manikshaw parade ground on 15th August 2006

v  11 cadets attended CATC  V camp at Gudibande from 21/8/2006

v  Bindu.M. has attended Nav Sainik camp phase I & II at Mysore and selected for Nava Sainik camp held at uiag from October 2006 to December 2006. She won gold Medal in

v  10 cadets donated Blood at the camp Organised by DDG at parade ground on 31/10/2006.

v  Cadets Karthik.K and chethan .P.V attended CATC-VI and selected for pre RDC  2007 held at Jalahalli

v  Cadts Saraswathi.N also selected for pre RDC 2007 in Ship modeling.

v  15 cadets of this sub unit valunterily donated Note Books to the poor students of ‘Narendra Nele’ a rehabilation Centre, timber yard layout, Bangalore on 7/10/2006

v  Dr/ Siddarth Karantha spoke on the subject “HIV-AIDS  and Awareness among the people” on 31/10/2006. 20 cadets participated in the programme.

v  20 cadets participated in ‘world AIDS day celeberation on 1st Dec 2006 a state level function and Jatha programme in front of Vidhana Soudha.

v  Cadets Karthik.K, Chethan .P.V and Saraswathi.N were selected for RDC 2007 and they are attended republic day parade at New Delhi

v  Cadet Chethan.P.V won the gold medal in Shipmodelling.



v  10 cadets participated in  the Independence Day parade at Manekshaw Parade Ground on 15th August,  2007.

v  6 cadets attended CATC IV at ASC supply center Jalahalli from 05-08-2007 to 16-08- 2007.

v  15 cadets attended watermenship camp at Ulsoor Lake during July 2007 and got training in Boat pulling and sailing.

v  Cadet Saravanan.K attended RDC Selection camps at ASC supply,  Jalahalli from  08/09/2007 to 08/10/2007.

v  5 cadets attended CATC VI held at Vidyanagar from 10/10/2007 to 19/10/2007.

v  2 cadets participated in ‘Run for Fun’ at Home Guards parade ground on the occasion of NCC Day Celebrations on 25/11/2007.

v  Cadet S.Chetan attended NIC Camp at  Vizag. Andhra Pradesh from 15th Dec 2007 to 26 Dec 2007.

v  L/cdt.Hemanth. B. attended ocean- to – sky Trekking camp at Goa from 22 Dec 2007 to 2 Jan 2008.

v  Cadet Skanda.S attended various training camps  during the months of July – August- September  2007 and was selected for All – India Nav Sainik Camp at Vizag,  Andhra Pradesh during October,  2007. And also selected for RDC 2008 at New Delhi from 28/12/2007 to 03/02/2008.  He won the  gold medal in Shipmodelling.

v  P.O. cadet Karthik.K  and  Chethan P.V were  selected for YEP. They  visited Singapore, Malaysia  and Port Blair  for two Months [ November-December 2007]  on a coast guard ship.



v  10 cadets participated in the Independence Day parade at Manekshaw Parade Ground on 15th August,  2008.

v  25 cadets attended CATC VII at Doddaballapur from 23/09/2008 to 02/10/2008.

v  Cadet Vishwanath.C attended RDC Selection Camp from 19/10/2008 to 28/10/2008.

v  10 cadets participated in Republic Day parade at Manekshaw Parade Ground on 26/01/2009.

v  P.O. cadet Durga Das M.P attended National level Advance Leadership Camp at Tuticorin. Tamil Nadu  from 22/12/2008 to 2/01/2009.  He won a Silver Medal in the debate competition.

v  30 cadets  participated in collecting donations  towards National Association for the Blind . A sum of Rs.5,700/- was collected as donation and the amount was deposited at 1Kar.Naval NCC Unit.  This is one of the social service activities conducted by this sub- unit.



v  05 cadets participated in ‘Smarnanjali’ programme  organized by  Dooradarshan on 9/08/2009.

v  15 cadets participated in the Independence Day  parade at Manekshaw  Parade  Ground on 15th August,  2009.

v  15 cadets attended CATC-VI  at Vidyanagar Bangalore from 25/08/2009 to 3/09/2009 . This sub- unit won the silver medal in Drill competition.

v  05 cadets attended  Inter –  group competition camp at Vidhyanagar,   Banglore from22/9/2209 to 01/10/2009.  Akshara.V and Ramakrishna.D  were  selected for the next pre –  RDC Camp.

v  Cadet Santhosh B.L.R attended Nav sainik  camp phase-I & II at Udupi, Karnataka from 19/9/2009 to 30/09/2009 and 1/10/2009 to 10/10/2009 . He  was selected for the  All – India Nav sainik camp held at Vizag(AP) from 15/10/2009 to 26/12/2009.

v  Ramakrishna D & Akshara V attended pre RDC-I & RDC-II at ASC centre Agaram, Bangalore.  from 25/11/2009 to 04/12/2009.

v  Cadet Nandan.B attended All – India Ship Attachment Camp at Mumbai from 12/12/2009 to 28/12/2009.

v   05 cadets participated in the Republic day parade at Manekshaw Parade  Ground on 26/01/2010.

v  Three cadets were selected to attend NIC camp at  Aurangabad, Maharastra from 15/05/2010 to 26/05/2010.

v  Cadet Gokul.R attended mountaineering training camp at Darjeeling (West Bengal) from 02/04/2010 to 30/04/2010.



v  13 cadets attended CATC V at Doddaballapur from 11, July 2010 to 20, July 2010.

v  15 cadets participated in Independence Day at Manekshaw Parade Ground , Bangalore.

v  05 cadets  attended pre-RDC-II at ASC centre Agaram,  Bangalore.

v  Cadet Ganesh.J and Prashanth.R attended Nav Sainik Camp phase I and II at Bangalore.

v  18 cadets attended Inter – group competition camp at Vidhyanagar Bangalore for the month of November 2010.

v  25 cadets were trekking for the Chamundi Hill at Mysore for the month  of January 2011.

v  06 cadets attended Independence Day at Manekshaw Parade Ground,  Bangalore.

v  30 cadets  participated in collecting clothes  towards  the Rehabilitation Centre for  the child, Bangalore.

v  30 cadets  participated in the plantation programme.

v  Ganesh.J and Prashanth R selected for NIC camp at Rajasthan in the month of  December 2011.

v  Manju Abhishek, Sarvash and Jagadish Prajwal.C selected for Ship Attachment Camp at vizag, Andhra  Pradesh.




  Appeared Passed A-Grade B-Grade %
‘B’ Certificate 15 12 06 09 80%
‘C’ Certificate 13 13 08 05 100%
‘B’ Certificate 18 16 06 10 90%
‘C’ Certificate 12 12 05 07 100%
  Appeared Passed A-Grade B-Grade %
‘B’ Certificate 32 30 04 26 94%
‘C’ Certificate 06 06 01 05 100%
‘B’ Certificate 24 20 02 18 83%
‘C’ Certificate 14 12 02 10 86%
‘B’ Certificate 10 09 02 07 90%
‘C’ Certificate 10 10 01 09 100%



This sub unit is proud of the fact that it moulds the cadets in such a way that they not only occupy important  positions  but  also live with dignity.

The unit is committed to mould the cadets to join the defence services and the nation former. Thus,  unit has fulfilled one of the aims of  NCC.  The following have joined the Defence forces :

1)      Ravikumar.  H.N ( IAF)

2)      Vinayaka. K   (IN)

The college authorities are grateful to  1 Kar.N.U. (NCC) KAR & GOA Directorate and the Government of Karnataka for giving full support to the all round development and successful functioning of the sub- unit.