College library came into existence in 1945 along with the college, under the guidance of the office bearers of The National Education Society of karnataka and librarians. The library has made tremendous progress. Now it is an excellent library having 3 floor separate building with spacious reading space. Library hold about 78353 volumes and 42315 titles for degree classes. Last year 940 volumes were added to the collection. Library has subscribed to 39 journals and 11 periodicals. The library is maintaining open access system for both students and staff. It has a Book Bank Library for economically weaker students. Library is fully computerized with barcode, has 16 computers with one server. OPAC facility has also provide for staff and students , facilities is to enable teachers and students are provided to search books. Wi-Fi facilities provided Internet connectivity for all computer and E-library with 618 CDs, both subject and general knowledge CDs facility is made available for both students and staff. Reprographic facility is available to students and staff. Library receives general and special grants from UGC as well as grants from college management.

The Reference library is kept open between 9-30 am to 5-30 pm on all working days except Sundays and holidays and Issue section functions from 10-30 am to 5-30 pm.

Library conducts a quiz programme for students to create reading habit and award prizes are given for the winners.

library staff provides all assistance to students to retrieve information that they desire from the various sources. They can get any material photocopied.

The library is well – equipped with comfortable furniture. The books are classified and displayed clearly. It is well lit and ventilated. Internet and photocopying facilities are available throughout the working hours. Safe drinking water is provided in the library. The librarian and his staff are courteous and ever willing to help.

The library makes arrangements for the differently abled students to utilize the facilities. The library is well maintained and is one of the largest libraries of under graduate educational institutions in Karnataka.

The Library has Internet facilities available both to the students and the faculty. The E-library is equipped with computers, educational CD’s which are used by students & teachers.

Library Services & Facilities


  • Book Circulation Services
  • Reference service
  • OPAC facility
  • Digital Library
  • Journals & Periodicals
  • Newspapers & General Magazines
  • New Arrivals display
  • Reprographic and Printer services
  • Reading Hall facility
  • Book reservation facility
  • SC/ST Book Bank service
  • Over-night Issue (Reference Books)




  • The Library will be kept open from 9:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. from Monday to Friday and 9.30 A.M. to 2.00 P.M. on Saturday.
  • Absolute Silence shall be observed inside the Library. Circulation section will be kept open from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm
  • The students must obtain their Fee Receipt before applying for identity card and Library card.
  • Loss of Library card has to be reported immediately in writing. The duplicate card will be issued to students at a cost.
  • Students can borrow and return books from the Library on any day of the week
  • The period of loan is fifteen days.
  • If the borrowed book is not returned by the due date, the student will be charged Rs. one per day as penal fee (including holidays) and if it is not returned within a fortnight the matter will be reported to the Principal.
  • If the dues are not paid within a fortnight from the day on which they are imposed the amount will be increased by Rs.2/- per day till the payment is made, effective from the due date.
  • Borrowers will be held responsible for any damages caused to the books. Marking or writing in the books with ink or pencil or tearing out pages etc. will be viewed seriously.
  • It is the duty of the students to take maximum care of the library book issued to them. Before leaving the library with the books they have to point out to Librarian the damages if any. Otherwise they shall be held responsible for any damage that may be noticed later.
  • Books from the reference section and periodicals will not be lent out.
  • In the event of a book being lost or damaged the student who is responsibled for it shall have to replace it by a copy of the same edition or pay twice the cost of the book plus postage etc. It is left to the discretion of the authorities to impose a heavier penalty.
  • The loss of the book must be intimated to the Librarian in writing failing which the fine on the book keep accumulating or the cost of the lost books along with penalty must be paid with in the stipulated period.
  • The books issued can be recalled by authorities without previous notice.
  • At the end of the academic year, all the books borrowed from the Library should be returned by the stipulated date and No Due Certificate obtained.