The college is built on an area of 2.5 acres out of 7acres which is in the possession of the college. It is housed in the oldest area of Bangalore, Basavanagudi. The built area is 9546. 54 sq.ft. There are 35 classrooms and 14 laboratories. An estate officer takes care of the infrastructure. The maintenance of the computers, generators and other equipments are out-sourced on an annual maintenance contract. The budget allocated annually for maintenance varies between Rs. one to two lakhs. There is one multi media video conference hall [seating capacity-180], one closed auditorium [1000], one seminar hall [AV Hall- 200] and one open auditorium [1000]. They are intensively used for academic and cultural activities of both the faculty and the students between 7.30 AM and 7.30 PM. We have a three-acre playground which is also used by other educational institutions in the neighborhood. The infrastructure is updated regularly to meet the requirements of new courses. All the departments are equipped with computers, printers, Xerox machines and audio-visual teaching aids. All the students of the college use computers as a course on computer fundamentals is a compulsory component of all courses. Internet facility is available in the Computer Science department and the Library.   Every department has its own staff room. There are two parking sheds for the use of students and faculty. The college has continuous water and electricity facilities.

The college has a transparent admission policy. It follows the rules and regulations stipulated by the Government /University. Reservation for different sections of society viz., Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes is being made as per the rules of the Government. The list of students admitted under these categories is available for inspection by the Department of Social Welfare. Our college is one of the few colleges in Bangalore City which admits physically challenged and blind students. They are provided teaching facilities in the ground floor of the college. The blind students are independently coached and provided with audio and scribe facilities. The college encourages women students to take admission. The economically backward are assisted by giving them fee concessions, scholarships, arranging for alumni support, etc.

The following are the facilities that the college provides the students with in the area of physical education:

  1. A 3 acre play-ground
  2. A Tennis Court
  3. A Shuttle Badminton Court
  4. A Table Tennis Court
  5. Gymnasium
  6. A Ball Badminton Court
  7. Basket Ball Court
  8. Indoor Games Section
  9. Indoor Games Section- Ladies

At present we have 25 class rooms, departmental staffrooms to cater to teaching/learning needs. We have a multi-media video conferencing hall ( seating capacity-190) and an AV Seminar hall (seating capacity-100) where all lectures/Seminars/project presentations are held. They are all well equipped. There is one closed auditorium and one open-air auditorium. The college has one parking shed for 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers. The college has an STD facility for students on the campus. The college has round the clock water and electricity.

  • It has its own transformer
  • 2 Generators of 25 KV capacity each
  • All the Departments are provided with UPS back up

Water filters are provided in all the departments and at 3 strategic locations in the college for the benefit of students

The college does not run buses on its own. However the college is strategically located and is well-connected by the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation. Buses in this locality ply from 5 a.m. to 11p.m. enabling the staff and students to attend all the programmes in the college. There are a number of plants and a herbarium in the campus. Greenery is maintained by placing a number of potted plants.