The Department was established in the year 1945.

Sanskrit is one of the languages offered for students of B.A., B.Sc.,B.S., B.C.A., and along with Kannada and Hindi. Sanskrit is studied for the first four semesters.


  1. Dr. H.V.Venugopal, M.A.,Ph.D. Associate Professor and Head of the Department.

He is also asenior Theatre Person, and he is the recipient of the prestigious SAMSA Award in the year 1999 for popularising drama activities among the college students. He is also the recipient of the prestigious Karnataka Natak Academy Award, which was conferred to him in 2011 on the occasion of 50 years of Karnataka Natak Academy. He has authored many Street Plays and translated many full-length dramas from Hindi and English, which have been successfully produced on stage in Karnataka and also in big cities like Bombay, Delhi, Kolkata.

and is in charge of the Theatre Club of the college.

2. Dr.M.K.Sridhar, M.A.,Ph.D. Associate Professor.

He is a Fulbright Scholar of the year 2000, is into Indology and Multi disciplinary studies and has participated in a number of international conferences.  He was the recipient of the highly prestigious Ramakrishna International Sanskrit award form the World Education Foundation and Saraswati Vikas in 2000. He designed a novel course on Science and Religion, which was selected at the global level by the Center for Theology and Natural Sciences, Berkley in 2001. This course was taught for the undergraduate students of our college in the second half of 2001. He has documented the programmes of UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) on Population, environment and gender issues. He has several accredited publications in national and international journals He also heads “Arohi’ ,the mountaineering club of National College and  has organised several treks in the last five years.

Learning resources of the department

There is a department library, a computer in the department and personal Laptop and an Apple I Pad  which are also used as a teaching aid in the class room.


Development and expansion plans :

  • To give our students the opportunity to listen to lectures in Sanskrit  in and around Bangalore.
  • To organize a national seminar.
  • To organize a workshops on improving the learning of Sanskrit.