Profile of NCC-Army Wing

The NCC Army Wing of Tne National College, Basavanagudi, started in the year 1965 under the auspices of 1 KAR Armd. Squadron . Prof. R.Ramachandra, Prof M.N.Muralidhar took over the leadership as officers and conducted various activities.

Later on during the year 1975, it came under 7 KAR BN ,Bangalore “B” group, Karnataka and Goa Directorate . Capt. Ashwathnarayana Rao took over charge as NCC officer. This is the first company (1/5 Coy) among 5 companies started under 7 KAR BN. The Coy was having a strength of 160 Cadets. Captain Aswathnarayana rao conducted  various activities for the cadets like Blood Donation camp, social service camps and the cadets attended National Level camps and many cadets joined Indian Army during his tenure.

Captain Arunachalam of the department of Chemistry took over the charge in 1980, and served as NCC officer till 1996. During his tenure many cadets attended national level camps and achieved higher grades in the certificate exams conducted by the unit. Some cadets Joined Armed forces also.

In 1996 2nd Lt. S.A.A  Bokhari took over the charge from capt Arunachalam. He won the Director General’s Batton during his commission at Officers Training  Academy at kamptee near Nagpur.

Currently Capt.R.Nagaraj is serving the company as an officer . The present strength of the coy is 108. 33% of the vacencies are reserved exclusively for girls.

The coy conducts regular parades for its cadets on saturdays  between 2 pm and 6 pm. It includes, Drill, Weapon Drill, Weapon training, demonstration lectures on map reading, Judging distance, Firing, General topics like leadership qualities, Man Management, Hygiene and sanitation etc., The classes are conducted by the staff of the batallion headquarters and the officer himself.

Every year the coy send its cadets to combined annual training camp organized by the battalion. During the camp the cadets are trained in drill, firing, cultural activities and some cadets are earmarked for national level camps like National Integration Camps, Republic day camps, thal sainik camps etc.,

Since its inception many cadets have attended Republic day  and thalsainik camps. To name a few-

1999-200              CSUO  Ambarish B.Sc.,                                   R.D.Camp(Republic day camp)

2000-2001            CSUO  Arun Balaraj B.A.,                               R.D.Camp

2003-2004            CSUO  Gajendra B.A.,                                     R.D.Camp

(Karnataka and Goa Directorate won Prime ministers Banner this year)

2004-2005            CSUO  Mahesh R. B.Sc.,                                 R.D.Camp

CJUO  Bharath Raj B.Sc.,                                                R.D.Camp

2005-2006            CSUO  Tejasmita B.Sc.,                                   R.D.Camp/Thal Sainik Camp

CJUO  Shilpa B.Sc.,                                           R.D.Camp

2007-2008            CSUO  Tejasmita B.Sc.,                                   R.D.Camp

2007-2008            CJUO  Anisha S Rao B.Sc.,                             R.D.Camp

2009-2010            CJUO  Udeep B.A.,                                          R.D.Camp

2011-2012            Sgt. Rakshit.S Rao B.Sc.,                                                R.D.Camp


Special Achievents of the Coy.

CSUO Thejassmitha Joined Indian Army through NCC special entry scheme and presently serving as Lieutenant at  Army head quarters. Bikaner Rajasthan.

CSUO Pramod Dixit Joined Indian Army through National Defence Academy and presently serving as captain at #181, Field Regiment, Tibri Cant.  Gurdaspur

Sgt. Chandan kumar Mandal Joined Indian Airforce as Aircraftsmen serving at Ghaziabad,Uttarpradesh

Cdt. Chethan Kumar K. L serving as Lieutenant in Indian Army

Profile of Capt.R. Nagaraj

Prof R.Nagaraj is commissioned in to NCC Army Wing on 26th February 2003 as Lieutenant. He has under gone training at officer’s Training Academy  for 90 days from 23rd November 2002 to 22nd February 2003. During his training period he won prizes in events like firing, weapon training etc.,

He also attended Refresher Course  part I  in the year 2008 which is a prerequisite for promotion to captain and promoted as captain on 25th February 2011.

He is highly enthusiastic, achieved higher goals in NCC by conducting various adventurous activities for cadets like trekking, social service camps like adult education, ban on child labour, traffic awareness, maintainance of hygiene in slum areas etc. He motivated the cadets to took part in the above activities enthusiastically. Many cadets after completing their certificate examinations have joined Engineering, Medical, and Post graduate courses through NCC special entry scheme.