Human Resource Management


The Department of Human Resource Management came into existence in the year 2008.

Prof. Moulesh, Department of Sociology and Dr.Padmini Rao, Department of Economics, were in charge of the department until 2009. It was later headed by Prof. Sushma.S.V. She got her post graduate degree in M.B.A. with a specialization in Finance from VTU.  She has experience in working with corporate organizations. She is also a leading Theatre Personality and training students in the ‘Art of Theatre’. She is a resource person at a theatre school for children called ‘Bimba’.


Human Resource Management was introduced in accordance with the guidelines of the UGC. It is a mandatory paper for all students of the college and is treated on par with other core subjects for completing their graduation. The syllabi covers all aspects of HRM and is helpful to thoses students who want to take up higher studies or employment..

Participation of teachers in academic and personal counseling of students:

The college has a practice of having a class teacher who guides and monitors the progress of the class. The Class teacher is responsible for the welfare of this class. In addition to this Ms. Sushmaconducted tests after the completion of each module. She, further, explained to the students the about the corrections they need to incorporate in their answers.  Special classes are held regularly in order to take care of students who have problems understanding the subject when it is taught in the class.


Mrs. Neela Kishore , Senior Manager of Juniper Networks India Pvt Limited.

Development and expansion plans:

Field work and visits to few organizations in order to understand how an HR Department actually works.                                   **************