The Theatre Movement in colleges is unique in the context of theatre in the country itself. The National College Basavanagudi has always stressed the importance of co-curricular activities, which shape the all-round development of an individual. Education, which aims at an overall development of an individual, can achieve this only when an educational institution lays equal emphasis on curricular and extra curricular activities. Theatre is one such aspect of culture, which enables an individual to develop his/her multi-dimensional personality. Therefore, in recent times, much of the educational institutions do encourage their students to actively take part in such theatre activities. But probably the National College Basavanagudi was the first college in the State, which introduced this concept of Inter-Section Drama Competition soon after Dr. H.Narasimhaiah became the principal of the college in the year 1962.

With the introduction of Inter-Section Drama Competition in the college, the National College Histrionic Club came into existence. It is hard for anybody to speak of modern theatre in Karnataka without referring to the National College Histrionic Club. The contribution of the National College Histrionic Club is huge to the modern theatre in Karnataka. The Gandhi-Nehru Rangamandira, the enclosed auditorium of the college has been the centre of theatre activities in the city even this to day.

In these forty-two years, there is a laudable contribution to all departments of both the theatre and the film world by the Histrionic Club of our college. In the year 2001, our college celebrated the fortieth year of the inter-section drama contest under the rubric ‘Ranga Sambhrama’. The duration of this festival was forty days starting from August 1, 2001 to September 9, 2001. This forty-day long festival was inaugurated by Smt. Rani Satish,the then Honorable Minister of Kannada and Culture, Government of Karnataka. On the same occasion, the legendary theatre artiste Late Sri. B.V.Karanth inaugurated the ‘Theatre Laboratory ‘, which is technically equipped, and has a facility of an theatre, can accommodate 50 spectators.

During these forty days of celebrations the following programmes were held:

  • A workshop on theatre for 20 days- Experts from theatre trained our students in various aspects of theatre.
  • A series of lectures on theatre by eminent theatre personalities
  • Production of plays using modern technologies
  • Inter-section drama competition.
  • Video shows of the plays of national reputation
  • Display of stage setting and photographs of earlier productions

We are proud to say that the college has completed 42 years of continuous theatre activity.