The department was started in the year 1945 and has completed seventy one successful years. One of the striking features of the department is that many teachers from this department occupied important positions in the college as well as in the Bangalore University.
We fondly recall the contribution made by the following celebrated members of the staff to the development of the department as head.

1. Prof. S T Sitaramaiah, M.Sc. Period: 1945-58, 1960-65 and 1969-77
2. Prof. D S Bharadwaj, M.Sc. Ph.D (IISc.) Period: 1958-60
3. Prof. S Desikachar, M.Sc. Period: 1965-69, 1977-80 and 1980-88
4. Prof. H S Murthy, M.Sc., Ph.D (Ohio,US) Period: 1980-84
5. Prof. M N Gudi, M. Sc., Ph.D (IIT, Kanpur). Period: 1984-87
6. Prof. T G Raghavendra, M. Sc. B.Ed. Period: 1988-90, 1992-96
7. Prof. A L Narasimha Murthy, M. Sc. Period: 1990-92
8. Prof. S V Subbarao, M. Sc. Period: 1996-97
9. Prof. M N Muralidhar, M. Sc. Period: 1997-2001
10. Prof. G Swarnalatha, M. Sc. Period: 2001-03
11. Prof. G L Nagaraja, M. Sc. Period: 2003-05
12. Prof. G K Shivaprakash, M. Sc. Period: 2005-08
13. Dr. A.Srinivasan, M.Sc Phd Period: 2008-11
14. Prof. R.Nagaraj, M. Sc. Period: 2011-12
15. Prof. C.Nagaraj, M. Sc. Period: 2012-14
16. Prof. Chandrashekara, M. Sc. Period: 2014-16

The department is equipped with spacious laboratories and also many types of equipment which are used by students and the staff regularly.

Unique features of the Chemistry Department

The Faculty evinced keen interest in academic activities like organizing Seminars,workshops and also played a significant role in Syllabus Discussions.

The Chemistry Teachers’Forum of Bangalore University was the brainchild of Dr.M.N.Gudi and many dedicated teachers like Prof.S.Arunachalam, S.Venkateshamurthy, Smt.H.K.Ambika,Prof.M.Aswathanarayanappa and Dr.A.Srinivasan have contributed immensely to its success.

Many who were students or Staff of this department have achieved National and International recognition in Chemistry. To name a few Dr.K.J.Rao, Former Chairman, SSCU, I.I.Sc. Dr.B.K.Sadhashiva, FNA, Liquid Crystal Laboratory, Raman Research Institute Dr.M.N.Sudheendra Rao, Former Chairman, Chemistry Department,I.I.T, Chennai,Dr.B.S.Chandrashekar, Formerly with G.E.(Bangalore) Dr.M.R.S.Rao, President, JNCASR, Bangalore.

Several faculty members have authored books and scientific papers in various Journals. To name a few Prof.S.Desikachar, Dr.H.S.Murthy, Dr.A.Srinivasan, Prof.S.Arunachalam

The following Staff are also on the Governing Council of the National Education Society of Karnataka, Bangalore

  • Dr. A Srinivasan
  • Prof. S Arunachalam
  • After the conferment of Autonomy to our institution, The Department prepared a New Syllabus for the B.Sc. Chemistry course and got it approved by the newly constituted Board of Studies and Academic Council. The following members constitute the present Board of Studies in Chemistry of the National Degree College (Autonomous), Basavanagudi, Bangalore-4.

    • Dr.A.Srinivasan, M.Sc., Ph.D.
    • Prof. S.Arunachalam, M.Sc.
    • Prof. M.Aswathanarayanappa, M.Sc; M.Phil.
    • Dr.M.Nagarajan, Vice-President, Bal Pharma, Bangalore
    • Dr.B.S.Chandrashekar, Formerly Research Scientist with G.E.Bangalore
    • Dr.Koppikar, St.Joseph’s College,Bangalore
    • Dr.L.S.Nandish, Renukacharya College, Bangalore
    • Prof. M.Ashraf Ali, Al-Ameen College, Bangalore
    • Dr.Suresh Babu, Department of Chemistry, Bangalore University
    • Dr.Ramachandraswamy, Chairman, Department of Biochemistry, B University.
    • The committee was reconstituted in the academic year 2015-16, presently the committee members are

    • Dr.Devaraj.V.R, Professor of Biochemistry, B U nominee,
    • Dr.Rudresh.H.B,CEO, Vijaya metal finisher’s,
    • Dr.Chandra.S.Bajagur, Head IP services, Shell technology India PVT Ltd,
    • Dr.S.Nagarajan, Vice chairman, BAL Pharma,
    • Dr.N.NagarajuAssociate professor, St Joseph’s degree college,
    • Dr.Prakash Kumar Rao, Associate professor, SSCASC(Womens),
    • Prof. M.R Chaya., KLE college,
    • Prof. Chandrashekara,
    • Prof. Shobha.J.Prakash,
    • Prof. R.Nagaraj, M. Sc.

    One noteworthy feature of the current Syllabus is that more emphasis is given for the presentation of Scientific Seminars by students and the Project Work to be carried out by the students in the final year of their stay in the college and CBCS system for degree classes is introduced from 2015. The syllabus is restructured as per guide lines of Bangalore University under CBCS system. The same was discussed with board members and approved.