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The department was started in the year 1945 and has completed seventy one successful years. One of the striking features of the department is that many teachers from this department occupied important positions in the college as well as in the Bangalore University.

We fondly recall the contribution made by the following celebrated members of the staff to the development of the department as head.

1. Prof. S T Sitaramaiah, M.Sc. Period: 1945-58, 1960-65 and 1969-77
2. Prof. D S Bharadwaj, M.Sc. Ph.D (IISc.) Period: 1958-60
3. Prof. S Desikachar, M.Sc. Period: 1965-69, 1977-80 and 1980-88
4. Prof. H S Murthy, M.Sc., Ph.D (Ohio,US) Period: 1980-84
5. Prof. M N Gudi, M. Sc., Ph.D (IIT, Kanpur). Period: 1984-87
6. Prof. T G Raghavendra, M. Sc. B.Ed. Period: 1988-90, 1992-96
7. Prof. A L Narasimha Murthy, M. Sc. Period: 1990-92
8. Prof. S V Subbarao, M. Sc. Period: 1996-97
9. Prof. M N Muralidhar, M. Sc. Period: 1997-2001
10. Prof. G Swarnalatha, M. Sc. Period: 2001-03
11. Prof. G L Nagaraja, M. Sc. Period: 2003-05
12. Prof. G K Shivaprakash, M. Sc. Period: 2005-08
13. Dr. A.Srinivasan, M.Sc Phd Period: 2008-11
14. Prof. R.Nagaraj, M. Sc. Period: 2011-12
15. Prof. C.Nagaraj, M. Sc. Period: 2012-14
16. Prof. Chandrashekara, M. Sc. Period: 2014-16

Major Equipments in the Chemistry Department:

The department is equipped with spacious laboratories and also many types of equipment which are used by students and the staff regularly. A list of these equipments is presented here.

1. Electronic Balances
2. Digital Conductivity Meters
3. Digital Potentiometers
4. Colorimeters
5. Digital pH meters
6. Electrical Melting Point Apparatus
7. Muffle furnace
8. Hot Plates
9. Hot Air Blowers
10. Heating Mantles
11. Fire Extinguisher
12. Electric Oven
13. Refrigerator
14. Suction Pump
15. Stop Watches
16. Over Head projector
17. Slide Projector
18. Computer
19. Vacuum Cleaner
20. Electrical Water Bath
21. Distilled Water Plant
22. Voltage Stabilisers
23. Magnetic Stirrer
24. Multimeters
25. Electric Shakers
26. Different Electrodes
27. Galvanometers
28. Chromotographic Columns
29. Distillation Units
30. Electrical Centrifuges
31. Tubular muffle furnace

Unique features of the Chemistry Department

  1. The Faculty evinced keen interest in academic activities like organizing Seminars,workshops and also played a significant role in Syllabus Discussions.

  2. The Chemistry Teachers’Forum of Bangalore University was the brainchild of Dr.M.N.Gudi and many dedicated teachers like Prof.S.Arunachalam, S.Venkateshamurthy, Smt.H.K.Ambika,Prof.M.Aswathanarayanappa and Dr.A.Srinivasan have contributed immensely to its success.

  3. Many who were students or Staff of this department have achieved National and International recognition in Chemistry. To name a few Dr.K.J.Rao, Former Chairman, SSCU, I.I.Sc. Dr.B.K.Sadhashiva, FNA, Liquid Crystal Laboratory, Raman Research Institute Dr.M.N.Sudheendra Rao, Former Chairman, Chemistry Department,I.I.T, Chennai,Dr.B.S.Chandrashekar, Formerly with G.E.(Bangalore) Dr.M.R.S.Rao, President, JNCASR, Bangalore.

  4. Several faculty members have authored books and scientific papers in various Journals. To name a few Prof.S.Desikachar, Dr.H.S.Murthy, Dr.A.Srinivasan, Prof.S.Arunachalam

  5. The following Staff are also on the Governing Council of the National Education Society of Karnataka, Bangalore

    • Dr. A Srinivasan
    • Prof. S Arunachalam

  6. After the conferment of Autonomy to our institution, The Department prepared a New Syllabus for the B.Sc. Chemistry course and got it approved by the newly constituted Board of Studies and Academic Council. The following members constitute the present Board of Studies in Chemistry of the National Degree College (Autonomous), Basavanagudi, Bangalore-4.

    • Dr.A.Srinivasan, M.Sc., Ph.D.
    • Prof. S.Arunachalam, M.Sc.
    • Prof. M.Aswathanarayanappa, M.Sc; M.Phil.
    • Dr.M.Nagarajan, Vice-President, Bal Pharma, Bangalore
    • Dr.B.S.Chandrashekar, Formerly Research Scientist with G.E.Bangalore
    • Dr.Koppikar, St.Joseph’s College,Bangalore
    • Dr.L.S.Nandish, Renukacharya College, Bangalore
    • Prof. M.Ashraf Ali, Al-Ameen College, Bangalore
    • Dr.Suresh Babu, Department of Chemistry, Bangalore University
    • Dr.Ramachandraswamy, Chairman, Department of Biochemistry, B University.
    • The committee was reconstituted in the academic year 2015-16, presently the committee members are

    • Dr.Devaraj.V.R, Professor of Biochemistry, B U nominee,
    • Dr.Rudresh.H.B,CEO, Vijaya metal finisher’s,
    • Dr.Chandra.S.Bajagur, Head IP services, Shell technology India PVT Ltd,
    • Dr.S.Nagarajan, Vice chairman, BAL Pharma,
    • Dr.N.NagarajuAssociate professor, St Joseph’s degree college,
    • Dr.Prakash Kumar Rao, Associate professor, SSCASC(Womens),
    • Prof. M.R Chaya., KLE college,
    • Prof. Chandrashekara,
    • Prof. Shobha.J.Prakash,
    • Prof. R.Nagaraj, M. Sc.
  7. One noteworthy feature of the current Syllabus is that more emphasis is given for the presentation of Scientific Seminars by students and the Project Work to be carried out by the students in the final year of their stay in the college and CBCS system for degree classes is introduced from 2015. The syllabus is restructured as per guide lines of Bangalore University under CBCS system. The same was discussed with board members and approved.

Programmes Organised by the Department of Chemistry:

  1. As a part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the college, the department in association with the Chemistry Teachers’Forum of Bangalore University and the Indian association of Chemistry Teachers organized an awareness programme called ‘Chemistry Olympiad Awareness Programme’ for students of Karnataka on 24-08-06 which was well attended by more than 300 students from different colleges throughout Karnataka. Experts from TIFR, Mumbai, IIT, Chennai, Osmania University, Hyderabad, Bangalore University and Kuvempu University like

    • Dr. Savita Ladage, Homi Babha Centre for Science Education, TIFR, Mumbai; Dr.M.N.S.Rao, IIT, Chennai;Dr.Saiprakash, Osmania University, Hyderabad;
    • Prof.M.Sadaksharaswamy, Former Principal, Central College;
    • Prof.G.K.Narayana Reddy, former V.C., Karnatak University
    • Prof.Gajendragad, Former V.C., Kuvempu University,
    • Dr.Ibnu Saud, M.G.M. Kottayam
    • interacted with the students and this programme received tremendous appreciation and response from students as well as teachers.

  2. A one day Workshop on Viable Student Projects was organized for the benefit of students of Bangalore University during September2007 to encourage interested students to take up research projects. This programme was conducted in association with the Association of Central College Chemistry Alumni.

    Prof.G.Nagendrappa of Bangalore University presided over the programme and several distinguished teachers such as
    Dr.Nagaraj from St.Joseph’s College, Bangalore; Dr.Nandish of Renukacharya College participated in this workshop.

  3. Prof G.L.Nagaraja who served as the Head of Chemistry Department during the years 2003-05 retired after serving the institution creditably for more than three decades. Prof.K.V.Prasad and Prof.S.Venkateshamurthy of our department also retired after their dedicated and illustrious service to the department for over three decades.

  4. Sri.G.K.Shivaprakash who took over the headship after Prof.G.L.Nagaraja served as Head during the years 2005-08 and he retired in 2008 February again after a very successful career spanning three decades.

  5. The department is headed by Dr.A.Srinivasan,M.Sc. (IIT,Chennai)Ph.D. (IISc,Bangalore) and retired on Feb 2011

  6. The department organized functions to felicitate these teachers and wished all these teachers a very happy and peaceful retired life.

  7. After the retirement of Dr A.Srinivasan, R.Nagaraj took over as head of the department from 2011-12 and Prof C.Nagaraj was deputed from AES national college, Gauribidanur, he took over as head of the department from2012-14 and retired on April 2014. Then Prof.Chandrashekara is presently serving as head of the department.

  8. As a part of academic requirements some students have involved themselves in executing Project Works. A group of four students headed by Sri. Adithya Bharadwaj took up a study of Lead accumulation in areas where Battery Works are carried out and presented a report of their studies. This study revealed higher accumulation of lead in the soil in these areas. A more detailed study is required to throw more light on this.

  9. The present students of Final Year B.Sc .have taken up further investigation into the lead accumulation in the paint remains in old houses. This study the students are trying to takeup jointly with St.John’s Medical College.

  10. Another set of students belonging to the CBZ stream are working on some common ingredients in different fruits and their importance. The department wishes the very best for their endeavors and encourages these students in their academic pursuits.

  11. Since the Semester system was introduced by the Bangalore University in the year 2004 the students of Chemistry are going through a rigorous class room programme for at least 90 days in each semester apart from undergoing training in acquiring some basic skills in laboratory techniques. To inculcate a spirit of competition and to develop communication skills, speaking contests and essay contests in Chemistry have become an annual feature of the department usually which are usually conducted in the month of January.

  12. An account of national science day, the department has conducted science exhibition on 28th February 2015 which was open for public and students, emphasizing chemistry in daily life.

  13. Every year the department of chemistry is contributing to the summer school, organized by National education society by conducting experiments related to school students.

  14. The department of chemistry also organized a talk on TALL(Take Academy of Life Science and Leadership) on 19th February 2016, to create knowledge and competitive professionals for the industry.

  15. On 6thMay 2015 an activity was conducted in chemistry lab based on food adulteration for the students of summer school.

Achievements of the students of the Chemistry Department:

Many students of our department participated in various activities organized by different Colleges and other institutions and brought laurels to the department.

  1. Sri.Vijay Ramdass, Final Year B.Sc., participated in an Essay competition conducted by the Royal Society of Chemistry, London, Deccan Section in the years 2007 and 2008 and secured first and second place respectively for 2007 and 2008.

  2. Sri P.Jayanth Vyasanakere, a PCM student of our college secured the First Rank for the Bangalore University in the May 2008 Examinations and also secured very high marks in Chemistry. He is also a recipient of Kishore Vygyanik Prothsahan Yojana fellowship.

  3. G.Divya, a student of II year B.Sc. has been selected for the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore Summer Research Fellowship Programme in Chemistry for the academic years 2008-09 and 2009-10.

  4. G.Divya of III Semester B.Sc. and S.Lakshmi Krupa of I Semester B.Sc. participated in an Intercollegiate Science Quiz programme organized by the Christ University in August 2009 and brought laurels to the department by securing the II place.

  5. Sri.Vijay Ramdass also participated in an intercollegiate Science competition held at V.V.Puram Science College in the year 2008 and secured prizes in Chemistry. The department conveys the warmest congratulations to these meritorious students. The department is confident that more students will join this list of meritorious students in the coming years.

  6. The students after completing their degree have joined PG courses at different universities.

  7. Jagadeeshwara Reddy.R of Final BSc have joined postgraduate in Forensic science at the University of Gujarat.

  8. The following students are joined PG courses at different universities for the academic year 2016-17, Chandrashekar, Raju.S.R, Yudestira, Manjunath, Akshatha, Praveen Kumar, Sreenatha, Vedhavyas, Ramyashree, Mamatha, Chaya.

Mr. Chandrashekara
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification M.Sc.
Teaching Experience 33 Years
Detail profile
Mrs. Shobha.J.Prakash
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification M.Sc.
Teaching Experience Detail profile
Mr. Nagaraj.R
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.Sc.
Teaching Experience Detail profile



Download Syllabus

Class Title of the Paper No. of Hrs. per week
BSc Chemistry-I(Theory) 4
Chemistry-I(Practical) 3
Class Title of the Paper No. of Hrs. per week
BSc Chemistry-II(Theory) 4
Chemistry-II(Practical) 3
Class Title of the Paper No. of Hrs. per week
BSc Chemistry-III(Theory) 4
Chemistry-III(Practical) 3
Class Title of the Paper No. of Hrs. per week
BSc Chemistry-IV(Theory) 4
Chemistry-IV(Practical) 3
Class Title of the Paper No. of Hrs. per week
BSc Chemistry-V(Theory) 3
Chemistry-V(Practical) 3
Chemistry-VI(Theory) 3
Chemistry-VI(Practical) 3
Class Title of the Paper No. of Hrs. per week
BSc Chemistry-VII(Theory) 3
Chemistry-VII(Practical) 3
Chemistry-VIII(Theory) 3
Chemistry-VIII(Practical) 3