The Department of Mathematics was established in 1945. Mathematics is an important course for all streams of learning – BSc, BA, B.Com, BCA, and BS




1. Smt. P. Sundramma M.Sc HOD & Associate Professor
2. Sri.  Ishwarappa C Ballur  M.Sc Associate Professor
3. Sri.  Keshavan K M.Sc Assistant Professor
4. Smt. Kavya G. M. M.Sc Assistant Professor
5. Smt. Nagashree M. B.  M.Sc Assistant Professor




BSc  – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

BSc  – Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics

BSc  – Physics, Electronics, Mathematics

BCA – Mathematical Foundations for BCA students

4 year  BS  [ Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science]

BA  –     Mathematical Applications in Economics

BCom –  Business Mathematics

PGCET classes for MCA Entrance

Computer Recruitment Aptitude classes

An Add-On Course on Indian Mathematics and Austronomy.

Highhlights of Syllabi

  • Topolgy
  • Transportation Problems
  • Operations Research

Modern teaching methods

  • Collaboration withI.I. Sc., T.I.F.R. and Central College, Bangalore

Innovative practices

  • Under the Mathematics Association named “Omega”, lecture contests and written quiz competitions are conducted.
  • A number of problem working classes introduced

Development and expansion plans of the Department

  • Introduction of Mathematics Lab
  • Aptitude classes