Commerce UG Program

The curriculum framework for B.Com. Degree is structured to offer a broad outline that helps in understanding the creative potential of new career growth opportunities based on changing industrial and societal needs.The course is upgraded keeping in mind the aspirations of students, with opportunities to major in specializations such as accounting, financial markets, marketing, human resources and banking to focus the students towards a career in those domains. The core concepts within subject have been updated to incorporate the recent advancements, techniques to upgrade the skills of learners to create a focus on various functional areas of business. Problem Based learning has been integrated into the curriculum for a better understanding of various concepts in business and commerce. The syllabus under NEP-2020 is expected to enhance the level of understanding among students and maintain the high standards of graduate program offered in the country. Effort has been made to integrate the use of recent technology and MOOCs to assist teaching-learning process among students. The major objective of the graduate program is to elevate the subject knowledge among students, and making them as critical thinkers thereby students can address the issues related to industry and other business sectors.


a) To provide a well trained professional to the requirements of Industries, Banking sectors, Insurance companies, Financing Companies, Transport Agencies andcorporates.

b) Students can get through the knowledge of finance andaccounting.

c) The knowledge of different specialisations in accounting, costing, banking and finance with the practical exposure helps the students to stand inorganization.

d) To impart industry needed skill, problem solving and decision making competencies.

e)To make students industry ready and develop various managerial and accounting skills for better professional opportunities

To enrich students to adapt to an ever changing and dynamic business environment.